GETFORMDATA Workflow Application


The GETFORMDATA workflow application lets you retrieve form field values for a specified request. It is useful when you need to retrieve form data which is not mapped to process data.

GETFORMDATA can only be used with TEXT, NUMERIC, and DATETIME type fields and data.

Using default and other parameters

The required parameter is REQUEST_ID (IN, numeric), which is the request ID that contains the process data to retrieve.

The optional parameter is FORM_DATA_NAME (IN, text), which is the process data name that contains the form data to query. By default, GETFORMDATA uses the FORM_DATA process data name.

The other parameters are defined in the workflow action according to your needs:

  • Parameter name: The form field full ID (e.g. REQUEST_AMOUNT)

  • Receive value into: The process data to update

📌 Example

To retrieve the value of the REQUEST_COMPANY form field into the CUSTOMER_COMPANY process data , the process data and the field data types must be the same. You may have to add an exception management to handle possible errors (e.g. invalid request ID).

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