GETPROCESSDATA Workflow Application


The GETPROCESSDATA workflow application lets you retrieve process data values for a specified request. It is very useful for inter-process communications.

As an initial sub-process action, GETPROCESSDATA provides a flexible alternative to the sub-process parameters, since it involves no versioning management constraints with the parent process.

Using default and other parameters


The required parameter request is REQUEST_ID (IN, numeric): the request ID that contains the process data to retrieve.


The other parameters are defined in the workflow action according to your needs.

Parameter name: the name of the remote process data to retrieve. Receive value into: the process data to update.


To retrieve the value of the COMPANY process data into the CUSTOMER_COMPANY process data:

Parameter name: COMPANY

Receive value into: CUSTOMER_COMPANY

The process data types must be the same. You can add an exception management to handle possible errors (e.g. invalid request ID).