User list

User screen



New user

Displays a blank user form to add a new user


Refreshes the user list displayed


External filters



Displays the specified user directory


Displays users with the selected profile


Displays users with the specified status(es):

  • All

  • Active or inactive

  • Active

  • Inactive

  • Archived

Filter on

Filters by specified criteria (e.g. name, username, email, etc.)


Search for users by name, username, email, etc.

Filter on *



Filters by user’s name


Filters by user’s username


Filters by user’s email address


Filters by user’s department


Filters by user’s company name

Employee number

Filters by user’s employee number


Filters by user’s telephone number


Filters by user’s mobile phone number


Filters by user’s fax number


Filters by user’s pager number


Filters by user’s office

Job Title

Filters by user’s job title

Employee type

Filters by user’s employee title


Filters by user’s initials

Personal Title

Filters by user’s title

Postal address

Filters by user’s postal address

Zip code

Filters by user’s zip code


Filters by user’s city


Filters by user’s state or area


Filters by user’s country


Filters by user’s LDAP path

Extended attribute 1

Filters by user’s extended attribute #1

Extended attribute 2

Filters by user’s extended attribute #2

Extended attribute 3

Filters by user’s extended attribute #3

Extended attribute 4

Filters by user’s extended attribute #4

Extended attribute 5

Filters by user’s extended attribute #5

Common name

Filters by user’s displayed name

Distinctive name

Filters by user’s distinctive name

System identifier

Filters by user’s system identifier (SID)

* A filter can be applied to a part of a field.

User lists



Multi-select checkboxes


  • Activate the selected user(s)

  • Deactivate the selected user(s)

  • Delete the selected user(s)

Lastname Firstname

User’s last name and first name; a link displays the user form in edit mode.


Username of the user


Profile of the user


Status of the user’s account: active or inactive


User directory

Note: This column is only visible when you select All from the Directory drop-down list.

User form




User directory


Unique user identifier in all directories; limited to 255 characters (required field)

Note: The username cannot contain the : (colon) character.


User’s password (click Change password to change the user’s password)

Last name

User’s last name (required field)

First name

User’s first name


User’s email address


User’s profile (defines application access rights: administrator or user)


Name of the directory group the user is associated; a link displays the corresponding groups

Status *

User’s account status:

  • Active

  • Inactive


If checked, the user is synchronized

Default language

Language applied when the user's account was created

Selected language

Language selected by the user

Default time zone

Time zone applied when the user’s account was activated

Selected time zone

Time zone selected by the user


The user selected as manager

Staff members

Count of users who have been assigned this user as manager; clicking this allows access to the staff member list

Telephone *

User’s telephone number

Mobile *

User’s mobile telephone number

Fax *

User’s fax number

Pager *

User’s pager number

Office *

User’s office number

Department *

User’s department number


User’s company name

Job title *

User’s job title

Employee type *

Employee type the user belongs to

Initials *

User’s initials

Title *

User’s title

Employee number

User’s employee number

Postal address *

User’s postal address

Zip code *

User’s zip code

City *

User’s city

State/Area *

User’s state or area

Country *

User’s country

LDAP path *

User’s LDAP path

Common name *

User’s displayed name

Distinctive name *

User’s distinctive name

Extended attribute 1 to 5 *

User's extended attribute

System identifier *

User's SID

* These fields can be synchronized with Active Directory. These fields are not required by the application; however, it is possible to use them through workflow macros.

Deleting and archiving users

A user will be archived and not deleted if:

  • The user is associated to a participant as a user.

  • The user is the creator or modifier of a process.

  • The user is associated to a request or an action.

A user cannot receive an inactive, deleted, or archived status if:

  • The user is the only person assigned as a coordinator to a List of persons.

  • The user is the only person in a group assigned to a List of persons type participant.

  • The user is the only person in a List of persons type participant.

Replacing users

You can replace a user with another one (the user that replaces another user must belong to the same directory and to the same groups). All roles in process definitions will be reassigned to the new user.

Ongoing (open) requests will be reassigned to the new user; closed (historical) actions will maintain the correct participant who performed the action.

This function is useful when a someone leaves their position in the organization and their ongoing tasks and roles must be reassigned.

Unlocking a user account

If a user exceeds the maximum number of connection attempts set in the Configuration Panel, their account will be locked and must be unlocked by an administrator. To do this, open the user’s profile and click the Unlock user button.

Activity report

The user activity report can be generated by selecting the Activity report link in the user’s profile page.

The generated report summarizes all the activities for the selected user, such as:

Request use

  • Request type

  • In progress

  • Closed

  • Total

Action activity

  • Action type

  • In progress

  • Closed

  • Total

Delegations from someone

  • Process

  • Participant

  • Global

  • Delegated user

  • Begin

  • End

Delegations to someone

  • Process

  • Participant

  • Global

  • User

  • Begin

  • End

Participants that the user belongs to

  • Process

  • Participant

  • Global

  • Role

  • Directory

  • Groups

  • User

  • Coordinator

Folder manager

  • Folder

  • Participant

  • Directory

  • Groups

  • User

Global list managers

  • Participant

  • Directory

  • Groups

  • User

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