You must be administrator of the web server. Using a local administrator account is recommended. You must know:
    The physical path on the web server where the WorkflowGen web application will be installed
    The physical path on the web server where WorkflowGen Windows services will be installed
    The URL of the web server where WorkflowGen will be installed
    MS SQL Server database:
      The name of the MS SQL Server
      The credentials of the SA account
      The file path of the SQL Server database files on the SQL server machine
    ✏️ Note: The SQL Server Management Studio tool will be required if you are creating the database using the SQL creation scripts (*.sql) in the manual installation procedure.
    The name or IP address of the SMTP gateway (we recommend using the IIS SMTP gateway; see SMTP Notifications)
    The default sender email address for notifications
    The authentication method you want to use for WorkflowGen web applications.

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