Delegations screen

This screen displays participant delegations on active processes. Delegations cannot be added to processes that are under construction, in test, or archived.
A user can associate a delegate with each process participant role displayed in this list. Delegations can be done for an unlimited period of time (if no date range is entered) or for a specific period of time (if a date range is entered).
Two types of delegations are possible: a global delegation of all the user’s roles to a single person (in the All processes row of the delegation screen), and a delegation on a role-by-role basis by selecting individual delegates for each process participant role. Note that a role-based delegation overrides the global delegation for that specific role.
Administrative roles are not given to users through delegations, except for supervisors. Delegating a supervisor participant will give them only the permissions that the supervisor delegator has. For example, it won't allow the delegated user to access statistics in the Administration Module if they normally don't have this permission, only to view all the requests in the User Portal.

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Launch the search and refresh the delegation list accordingly

List of delegations

Process name (only active processes are listed)
Process participant name
User name if delegation is active
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Remove the delegate
Send a notification to the delegate
  • Delegation start date (inclusive); required if end date defined
  • Unlimited delegation period if empty.
  • Delegation end date (inclusive); required if begin date defined
  • Unlimited delegation period if empty.