Notifications are sent as described below.
Any of these notifications can be deactivated by the process designer.

When an action is assigned

    To a person: to the corresponding user
    Self-service: to all users associated with the participant, or to a subset of the participant user list, depending on the process design
    Through the coordinator: to the coordinator only

When a request is closed

    To the requester

When a request is cancelled

    To the requester

When an action is cancelled

    To the user assigned to the action

When an assignment is cancelled manually

    To the user who has assigned the action to a person, unless it is the current user

When an assignment is cancelled automatically

    To the user who assigned the person
    To the user assigned to the action


Launch events

    When the action has to be performed
    When the action is overdue
    Prior to when an action is overdue
    When the action is completed
    When the action is cancelled
    When the action assignment was cancelled
    When an execution error occurs
    When an assignment error occurs

Possible recipients

    The requester
    The action assignee
    Some free-form email addresses
    The users associated with a process participant
    The user who performed an action of the process
    Any email address included in the process data
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