Views screen

This page displays all the current views saved by the user.

Search filter

Filter by screen used to save the view
Filter based on views that have links on the home page portal
Filter based on views shared by other users


Select view for export or deletion
Name of the view
View’s screen type
View displayed in the home page or not
View shared by other users or not
Owner of the shared view
Edit the view
Display the URL and the HTML of the view
You can sort the list descending or ascending by any of the elements by clicking on the corresponding column header.

Adding a view to My favorites list

To add a view to the My favorites list on the User Portal home page, mouseover the view name and click the star outline that appears, which will then become solid. You can then open the view from either the My favorites or My views lists on the home page.

Editing a view

Selecting Edit allows you to change the description of the view, choose whether to include the view as an available link on the home page, and share the view with other process participants.

Getting the link to a view

Selecting Link displays the URL and the HTML of the view, which you can use to embed the view in an external page.

Importing a view

To import a view, click the Import link above the list, select the view's .xml definition file that was previously exported, then click Import.

Exporting a view

To export a view, check the checkbox to the left of the name of a view (since only one view can be exported at a time), then click the Export link that appears above the list.

Deleting a view

To delete a view, check the checkbox to the left of the name of the view, then click the Delete link that appears above the list.
Last modified 2yr ago