Help is available for processes and actions within processes by clicking the question mark (?) beside the process or action descriptions. Help is defined by the process designer and will appear in a blank window unless it has been created.

When selecting help at the process level, the help text will describe the purpose of the overall process. Selecting help for a given action in the process will display help for that particular action, rather than for the entire process.

Help screen

Links are displayed for sub-processes to browse to the parent and child processes.

Help form




Description of request or action

Help tab

Display the help text corresponding to the action or process (only if the graphical tab is available)

Graphical tab

Display the graphical view of the process (only available to participants that have been granted access)

Zoom in / out

Click the magnifying glass icons to zoom in or out on the process graphical view

Help text

Help text associated with the request or the action

Help link

Link to a help document on the request or the action

Help email

Email address for help on the request or the action

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