New Request

New request screen

This page lets you view all the processes you have access to, and launch new requests.

To add a process to the My favorites list on your User Portal home page, mouseover the process name and click the star outline that appears, which will then become solid (click the solid star to remove the process from your favorites list). You can then open the process from either the My favorites or New request lists.

Search filter




Filter by process category





Click the process icon to launch a new request.

If the Quick View functionality has been activated in the Administration Module the process request form will display within a pop-up dialog box.

Process name: A link allows a new request to be launched.

Clicking the question mark (?) next to the process name opens a help pop-up window.

You can sort the list descending or ascending by any of the elements by clicking on the corresponding column header.

Top menu: Action

This is the screen displayed when launching an action using a form requiring human input (for example, a web form or an Adobe Acrobat form).




Link to the User Portal home page

Request number – Request name

Link to the request follow-up form

Action number – Action name

Link to the action follow-up form


Show the process data associated with the request


Display the help pop-up window

Graphical follow-up

Display the graphical follow-up pop-up window

Comment pop-up

A pop-up panel that displays the list of comments of the request

A process participant’s associated users can view, refresh, or sort the comments list, post a new comment, delete an existing comment, and subscribe to the comment list RSS feeds.

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