User Portal Customization

📌 Example of a custom banner

The WorkflowGen app banner can be customized via the Administration Module, in the Settings section on the Portal tab in the Configuration Panel:

Custom menus

You can create custom menus for the User Portal by creating and modifying the portal.xml XML file in the CustomMenu folder located in the \wwwroot\wfgen\App_Data\customMenus folder.

These custom menus will then be available as extra menu options on the User Portal home page.


The User Portal stylesheet can be customized to match your organization's colors and styles. The CSS files are located in the \wfgen\App_Themes\Default\portal\css folder.

Common process data

This parameter allows you to enter the same names and data types, which can then be used in a multi-process view.

For example, if you have process data such as CUSTOMER (TEXT) that are used in most of your processes, you can define these data as User Portal common process data by entering them in the Common process data name list field.

When entering multiple data types in this parameter, each data type must be separated by a comma.