This guide provides instructions on:
  • How to use the WorkflowGen GraphQL API.
  • How to use the WorkflowGen web services API.
  • How to create incoming and outgoing webhooks.
  • How to build applications for WorkflowGen using .NET Framework. .NET developers can use the WorkflowGen.My assembly to manipulate the WorkflowGen context, and non-.NET developers can work with the WorkflowGen context without using the WorkflowGen.My assembly.
  • How to use WorkflowGen.My to develop a RemoteLaunch SDK application to launch a process from outside the WorkflowGen environment.
  • How to use an OAuth 2.0 access token for server-side .NET development.
  • How to create custom authentication modules.
  • User management and directory synchronization.
  • How to customize the WorkflowGen User Portal.
  • How to create integrations using WorkflowGen URLs to perform certain process functions.
  • How to set up and customize notifications.
It also contains a table that lists time zone names and IDs.
Last modified 2mo ago