WorkflowGen Upgrade Guide
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You must be administrator of the web server. You must know:
  • The physical path on the web server where WorkflowGen web application is installed.
  • The physical path on the web server where WorkflowGen Windows Services are installed.
  • The URL of the web server where WorkflowGen is installed.
  • MS SQL Server database:
    • The name of the MS SQL server.
    • The credentials of the SA account.
    • The file path of the SQL server database files on the SQL server machine.
You will need to perform the following actions:
  • Update the web application files.
  • Update the Windows services files.
  • Update the web configuration file.
  • Update the Directory Synchronization and Engine Service files and move the XMLTODATABASE transaction file.
  • Update the database structure and contents.

Request new license files and serial numbers

If you are upgrading from WorkflowGen version 5, you must request a new license (trial, unlimited, or per user) and a new serial number for each of your WorkflowGen servers.
  • The new license file must be copied to the \wfgen\bin folder.
  • Define the new serial number in the \wfgen\web.config file (e.g. <add key="ApplicationSerialNumber" value="WFG-ENT-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX" />).
Be sure to back up your previous license file and serial number.