You must be administrator of the web server. You must know:
    The physical path on the web server where WorkflowGen web application is installed.
    The physical path on the web server where WorkflowGen Windows Services are installed.
    The URL of the web server where WorkflowGen is installed.
    MS SQL Server database:
      The name of the MS SQL server.
      The credentials of the SA account.
      The file path of the SQL server database files on the SQL server machine.
You will need to perform the following actions:
    Update the web application files.
    Update the Windows services files.
    Update the web configuration file.
    Update the Directory Synchronization and Engine Service files and move the XMLTODATABASE transaction file.
    Update the database structure and contents.

Request new license files and serial numbers

If you are upgrading from WorkflowGen version 5, you must request a new license (trial, unlimited, or per user) and a new serial number for each of your WorkflowGen servers.
    The new license file must be copied to the \wfgen\bin folder.
    Define the new serial number in the \wfgen\web.config file (e.g. <add key="ApplicationSerialNumber" value="WFG-ENT-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX" />).
Be sure to back up your previous license file and serial number.
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