Azure SendGrid SMTP Configuration


This section provides instructions on how to configure an Azure SendGrid SMTP with WorkflowGen.

Create the SendGrid account in the Azure Portal

The SendGrid account must be created in the Azure Portal. See Create a SendGrid Account for more information on how to create a SendGrid account. Once you've completed the configuration, you'll have:

  • The server name (e.g.

  • The username (e.g. apikey)

  • The generated password

  • Port 25 or 587 set for TLS connections and explicit SSL connections.

For more information about the SendGrid SMTP integration, see the Integrating with the SendGrid SMTP API Twilio article.

Configure WorkflowGen

To set up the connection between WorkflowGen and Azure SendGrid SMTP:

  1. Go to the General tab in the Configuration Panel.

  2. In the SMTP section:

    • Choose Server as the delivery method.

    • In the Host name field, enter your server name.

    • In the Port field, enter port 25 or 587.

    • Check Use SSL/TLS.

    • In the Username field, add your username.

    • In the Password field, add your password.

  3. Click Test next to the Host name field.

  4. In the Recipient mail field that will then appear under Sender mail, add an email address for testing, then click Send.

WorkflowGen only supports TLS connections and explicit SSL connections.