Generating a Universal Link for WorkflowGen Plus


As of WorkflowGen Plus version 1.2.0 and WorkflowGen server version 7.11.2, you can generate a universal link to simplify the Azure AD login process for your WorkflowGen Plus mobile app users.

Base URL

  • protocol: workflowgenplus://

  • hostname: auth.init


You'll need to specify the following parameters:

  • provider: azure-v1

  • tenant_id: Use the directory tenant ID you created earlier in the configuration (e.g. 4b72dd6c-013e-4a9c-b837-f03a58cb8fd1)

  • client_id: Use the application client ID you created earlier in the configuration (e.g. 6g909d00-8580-49a4-9003-a30f6b87ae86)

  • audience: Your WorkflowGen web application URL, whose value must be URL encoded (e.g.

The universal link should follow this format:


Once you've generated the universal link, give it to your users, who can use it to sign into WorkflowGen Plus with the preset sign-in method.