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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


This section contains pointers to get started with different solutions for creating backups and recovering from an unforeseen data loss.
In production, you should be using an orchestrator like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or Kubernetes in Azure Kubernetes Service.

WorkflowGen files

SMB file shares

You should have at least three different storage share to handle WorkflowGen persistent files. If you used custom SMB file shares, you should have a strategy to back up the disks for the file share. If a problem occurs, you can restore a backup. Don't forget to restore the database data to the exact time as the file share backup.

Azure Files

For Azure Files, see the following documentation on backups and restorations:

Azure Disks

For Azure Disks, see the following documentation on backups and restorations:


On-premise database

See the Operations section in the WorkflowGen Technical Guide for information on backup and restoration of on-premise databases.

Azure SQL

See the following Microsoft documentation about business continuity for Azure SQL:


Creating backups and recovering with them in Kubernetes can be complicated, but tools exist to help manage this. Here's an article about backups with Kubernetes:
There are two main tools for backup and recovery:

Azure Kubernetes Service

As with other Azure Services, Microsoft provides guides for backups and restorations: