This guide provides instructions on:

pageGraphQL API

How to use the WorkflowGen GraphQL API

pageWeb Services API

How to use the WorkflowGen web services API

pageIncoming WebhookspageOutgoing Webhooks

How to create incoming and outgoing webhooks

pageWorkflow Applications

How to build applications for WorkflowGen using .NET Framework

pageRemoteLaunch Development in .NET Framework

How to use WorkflowGen.My to develop a RemoteLaunch SDK application to launch a process from outside the WorkflowGen environment

pageAccess Token

How to use an OAuth 2.0 access token for server-side .NET development


How to create custom authentication modules

pageUser Management

User management and directory synchronization

pageUser Portal Customization

How to customize the WorkflowGen User Portal

pageIntegration Using WorkflowGen URLs

How to create integrations using WorkflowGen URLs to perform certain process functions


How to set up and customize notifications

pageAppendix: Time Zone IDs & GMT Values Mapping

The appendix contains a table that lists time zone names and IDs

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