Global List Management

Facilitate administration of common process data

  • Global list management lets authorized users easily create and manage lists of data via the WorkflowGen web administration module for use in different process forms.

  • Global data lists can be created manually, imported, or defined via a connection from an existing third-party database. They are then used by the process managers who can bind them in their forms and workflows without programming, regardless of their administration rights.

  • Enterprise-relevant data not necessarily managed in an ERP or CRM can enrich company workflows with a decentralized administration to the managers of these data themselves.

Global list administration

  • Create a new list

  • Define elements and columns in a list (text, date, and numeric formats)

  • Import a list from a file or by copy/paste

  • Create a list from an SQL query or a connection string

  • Duplicate an existing list

  • Refresh lists

  • Export a list in XML or CSV format

  • Support multilingual data lists

Global list uses

  • Bind a list from a field of combo/list type via the WorkflowGen built-in form designer

  • Connect lists

  • Sort items in lists

  • Link lists with other lists or form fields

  • Operate filters: column, comparison operators, filter by field, default filter value if the value is empty

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