Boost Your Workflow Project

Ready-to-use customizable applications

    Source code provided
    Doc Export: Exports documents from workflows to an external file server or shared network for archiving
    Doc Listener: Launches a workflow when a document arrives on a file server or shared network
    Mail Listener: Launches a workflow when an email arrives in a specific inbox

Ready-to-use customizable workflow templates

    Workflow definitions and forms provided
    Leave application
    Expense report
    IT clearance application
    Investment application
    Work order
    Corrective action
    Save internal procedure validation
    Helpdesk ticket management
    Master data management: New product creation

Methodology and best practices

    Project and change management
    Process inventory
    Process specifications
    Best deployment practices
    Online documentation for installation, upgrade, Administration Module, and User Portal
    Forum and Knowledge Base with over 500 FAQs.
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