Process Administration

Process design

    100% web-based .NET 4 application
    Implement workflows graphically in HTML5 without programming
    Process data management (text, numeric, date, time, file)
    Action management (human, automatic, sub-process)
    Notification management (customizable event-based notifications)
    Application management (eForms, import/export, web services, alerts, etc.)
    Roles associated with users and/or groups and/or directories
    Category management (organize processes by category)
    Display automatic report of process definition with debug feature
    Compliance with Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) standards
    Test workflows on production server

Process management

    Organize processes within secured folders for easy decentralization
    Delegate process administration per folder
    Import/export process definition in XPDL (XML-based standard)
    One-click deployment of processes from development to production server
    24/7 process availability: update workflow definition of live processes
    Versioning of workflows
    Use different statuses to manage workflows (active, test, archived, etc.)
    Organize workflows in one or multiple categories for end-users
    Duplicate an existing workflow to create a new one
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