Built-in Web Form Designer

Instant form creation

  • Fully web-based — no plugins required

  • Seamless integration in WorkflowGen

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG interface

  • On-the-fly customized appearance of form fields, sections, and buttons

  • Drag-and-drop form fields and sections

  • Ready-to-use sections for extra fast design

  • Web form layout automatically optimized at runtime according to device resolution (smartphones, tablets)

  • Multilingual management

  • ASP.NET and JavaScript code editors

Powerful tools

  • Grid View with calculations

  • Advanced attachment management

  • Data binding (SQL, web service, XML)

  • Dependent lists

  • Field management (required/read-only/hidden activated based on custom conditions)

  • Field validations (RegEx, range, custom, compare)

Interactive workflow view

  • Seamless integration with the form designer

  • Visually define the behavior of the form

  • Fields and sections can be defined as required, read-only, or hidden

  • Map “in” data with macros, process data, or a default value

  • Map “out” data as conditions for audit trail and reporting


  • Section/field duplication

  • Save a custom section/field as a reusable template

  • Full customization of form fields and form layout

  • Change CSS files for advanced customization

  • .NET web forms generated on-the-fly (editable in Visual Studio)