Portal integration

    Integrate ready-to-use workflow portlets into the User Portal via XML RSS technology
    Add links to third-party applications to directly launch workflows
    Easy launch of a process from a URL
    Add custom banners to the WorkflowGen end-user module with logos and links

Database integration

    Export process and form data to databases via SQL commands


    Webhooks let APIs exchange information with other applications through HTTP POST requests and allow real-time communication
    Incoming webhooks allow external applications to send HTTP POST requests to WorkflowGen by exchanging JSON payloads
    Outgoing send HTTP POST requests to external applications


    Create process-driven solutions such as mobile apps, web apps, and microservices
    Interactive GraphiQL in-browser GraphQL IDE to test queries and operations

Web service API

    Access requests and action data and statuses from third-party applications in real time via web services
    Contents of the WorkflowGen portal are available as RSS feeds
    Users are able to syndicate/register these feeds in any web portal solution or any RSS-compliant tool, as well as widgets

Developer kit

    Create web services to handle actions in the workflow
    Trigger workflows from third-party applications
    Use third-party applications in workflows
    Dynamically generate documents from workflow data
    Export documents and data to third-party applications
    Import/export data between workflows and third-party applications

Other integration examples

    IBM AS/400
    Any back-end systems with COM, .NET, or web service-like interfaces
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