End-User Module

User Portal

    100% web-based .NET 4 application
    Single sign-on and seamless automatic authentication
    Intuitive — no training required
    Interface supports multiple languages (double-byte compliant)
    Users can change language, time zone, and password directly within the Portal
    Customized workflow portal based on user rights and preferences
    Smart portal with summary of current user activity for all processes (ongoing, to do, late, closed, etc.)
    Add processes and views to favorites list for fast access
    Real-time monitoring with graphical view of the workflows
    Direct access to statistics and reports with graphical views
    Quickly access the forms with the Quick View feature
    Approve dozens of requests in seconds with the Quick Mass Approval feature
    Comprehensive audit trail
    Post and follow user comments for ongoing requests
    Fast switching from user to manager mode for additional privileges and rights
    Single- or multi-process view
    Multiple-criteria search for requests and actions
    Direct access to specific requests (quick search)
    Multiple sort options for actions and requests
    Use form data as search criteria
    Customize the display of workflow data
    Automatic detection of URLs and email addresses
    Sort columns of statistics, search results, and follow-ups with a simple drag-and-drop
    Delegation of tasks for user-defined period of time
    Display common process data in User Portal lists and multi-process quick search
    Common process data are supported in the follow-up and statistics tab


    From the Views list on the User Portal home page, click the View icons to display the views (grids, charts, statistics) in floating panels that you can arrange according to your needs


    Event-based email notification (to do, to assign, delay, request closed, etc.)
    Text or HTML format email notifications
    Email notifications, including attachments
    Customizable email templates
    SMTP protocol compliant with Exchange, Lotus, etc.
    Direct launch of actions to do from email notification
    Receive notifications of the latest user comments


    Fill out forms online within the web browser
    Use web forms (supports AJAX)
    Form fields integration with external applications and databases
    Attach files to forms

Advanced View

Advanced View enables users to easily create rich customized reports by using process data.
    Access Advanced View from the Search tab
    Sort and filter data via the column header
    Group data with a simple column header drag-and-drop
    Reorganize columns
    Change column size
    Create a customized footer with calculations
    Edit existing columns
    Create a new column using the built-in formula editor (in easy or expert mode) using data from other columns
    Save an Advanced View as a view accessible from the User Portal and share it with other authorized participants
    Export a customized view and associated data to multiple formats (Excel, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML, TSV)
    Click “Link” to get the view’s URL or embed the view in your own web applications


    Advanced View reports can be displayed as charts (column, bar, pie, etc.) and shared as views
    The Custom Charts feature lets you create customized charts using JavaScript and any chart library


    Manage customized views (search results, statistics)
    Add links to external web contents to provide additional information
    Add a custom application top banner
    Embed workflow portal in existing applications
    Create your own “skins” to customize the User Portal look and feel
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