Delegation list screen

New delegation
Displays a blank delegation form to add a new delegation
Refreshes the delegations list


External filters
Displays the delegations of the selected process (only active or archived processes are listed)
Filter on
Filter by participant
Filter by user (delegator)
Delegated user
Filter by delegated user

Delegation list

Process name
Participant name
User name (delegator)
Delegated user
Delegated user name
From ...
Delegation start date (included); if not defined, the delegation is unlimited.
To ...
Delegation end date (included); if not defined, the delegation is unlimited.

Adding a delegation

When adding a new delegation, you can decide whether or not to send a notification email to the delegated user via the displayed message box.
A delegation is unique based on the process, the participant, the user, and the delegated user. This means that you cannot define multiple time periods for a given delegation.
You cannot define cross-delegations on overlapping periods between the same users on the same participant.
You cannot define multi-level delegations. If user A has delegated actions to user B, user B cannot then delegate these actions to user C.

Deleting a delegation

Deleting a delegation does not delete the associated user.

Process versioning

Delegations are process version-specific:
  • New versions of a process copy all existing delegations where possible, based on matching participant names.
  • Since delegations can only be created for active processes, delegations are only carried forward when a versioned process is activated.
  • A delegatee can only see the delegator’s actions and requests from the version at which they were delegated the role, and going forward if copied by creating a new version and not changed subsequently.
  • When a user changes a delegation in the current version, it does not affect prior delegations performed for previous versions.
  • If prior version actions and requests also need to be delegated, an administrator must use the administrator delegation screen to add the prior versions' delegations.